Sunday, August 23, 2009


Tonight was Family Night. We decided to use "sports" as our theme for charades for the night.

Libby (4 yrs.) was doing great. She did gymnastics for one, ballet for another, and she was an animal for some of her turns.

She was also the final act of the night before we had treats, and we could not guess what she was for the life of us. She was holding her hands by her sides and jumping up and down, then side to side.

It was time to be done; we wanted our treats. We desperately tried to get clues as to whether she was doing a sport or if she was a person or what. But we were just getting more confused.

We said, "Okay, just tell us now." She said, "No, guess! Use your brain!"

So we decided to randomly start guessing things and just throwing stuff out there.

"Pine tree!"

Steve said, "Catamaran!" And Libby beamed and delightedly exclaimed, "Yes, yes, that's it!"

I said, "What's a catamaran?" Steve didn't even know.

The point is, I'm pretty sure it was Daddy that guessed right every time it was Libby's turn. He can do no wrong. She really loves her Daddy.


Judy Francisco said...

Libby is a crack-up. I'm so glad she loves her daddy.

Anaise said...

That is FUNNY . . . and a catamaran is a kind of boat.

Rhyetta Musser said...

Ha ha. That is funny!