Monday, October 5, 2009

Libby Says

Libby and Avery were having a conversation that was making absolutely no sense whatsoever about dogs. Libby totally misinterprets what Avery says (understandable) and it's hilarious.

Libby starts crying, "Avery says that she wants scary dogs to come on Halloween and they're going to eat me...but I don't want them to...'cause I'm too beautiful."

Earlier today in the car Libby says, "I want to drive a minivan...when I grow up...when I'm a teenager...when I turn 5."

I don't know why she pauses between what she says, but it adds to how funny it is.


Anaise said...

So, my question is: does Libby think she'll be 5 when she's a teenager and all grown up, or was she thinking and deciding she'd like to drive earlier and earlier?

No matter--still funny! :)

Rhyetta Musser said...

Funny, funny! Yes, Libby, you are beautiful!!

DIANE said...

I love how all you girls capture the moment with beautiful words. You are all so gifted with writing and also with listening to your children and capturing their innocent conversations. I love it.