Sunday, May 17, 2009

Avery Sleeps

For the first all her 19 months of life, Avery slept through the night!

The best news is that she's slept through the night every night since as well, even when she had to sleep in her Pack -n- Play in my closet 'cause we had guests staying in her room.

And...she's way cutting back on her nursing. In fact, now I feel like I'm the one in charge of her nursing and that I could cut her off any time I felt like it, which makes me feel a lot better since we have a new baby on the way :)
She's taken to this baby doll recently and I think it's super cute that she fell asleep with it like this.


Judy Francisco said...

She looks like such a big dolly herself. I LOVE PICTURES OF MY GRANDKIDS! Thanks for this--and congrats on the being-able-to-sleep-and-not-have-to-nurse-all-the-time thing (for as short as it will last before the next one gets here!:)...).

KENNARDS said...

you must be crazy. you are breastfeeding as well as growing a babe inside of you? i can't even imagine. and all of that without a full-nights rest until now? you must be super-mommy!