Friday, May 1, 2009

HEB Family Camp

Family Camp was a group of camping homeschoolers from Monday through Thursday. What a cool place!

Some of the pictures are of the Claytons because I only took a few pictures and they took more so I stole some from them.

I particularly enjoyed having a cook all those days, the bathroom in our cabin, the distraction from pregnancy woes, canoeing to the waterfall, and the last night when I finally found a comfortable mattress and Avery only woke up once in the night.

Some of the things we did:
- Alex caught a bass fish and did many other things I'm unaware of because he was off having a grand ol' time.
- Avery, Libby & Alex thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand
- Steve played Frisbee golf
- Made colorful butterflies from magazines and played with clay
- Libby played for hours on scooters and other kids' toys
- Alex passed the swimming test in the Frio River (brrrrr)
- Went to the talent show
- Went on a short nature hike
- Went canoeing
- Talked about being mission-driven and many other things
- Enjoyed the rain and thunder and lightning (a lot of it)
- The trading post where kids traded "stuff"
- Went to the family dance
- Won some food with our raffle tickets

We're home. We're tired (Steve and I). It was so beautiful. We're excited to go back.


Anaise said...

What does HEB stand for? The trip sounds like a lot of fun. We have a big giant homeschooling campout that is held relatively nearby, but it is run by a group of Christian Fundamentalists, and while I find that I am attracted to their firm standards and devotion to living a Christ-like life, part of me is afraid of the unknown (and being the least conservative person in the crowd!). Maybe I'll get brave enough to go one year . . . and Scott can sign up for the build your own cabin class, while the girls and I sew our own dresses (those really are the classes that are offered!)

Glad you had a good time.

Judy Francisco said...

Sounds like an ideal camping spot--so glad you told us about it! I can't believe Joel & Marie's baby!