Monday, April 20, 2009

Alex's Primary Talk

Most people know that we do things a little differently around our house with our kids.

One of those ways is that we've never forced/coerced Alex to participate in Primary. And can I just tell you, it's been a challenge at times because I have felt the judgments of Primary leaders who don't fully agree with our way.

I remember as a kid feeling so inadequate and being so scared of Primary because participation was expected. We just feel that forcing kids before they are ready does more damage than good, so we decided to let him decide when he's ready.

The last time Alex gave a talk was in Sacrament Meeting when he was about 6. He's agreed to give talks in Primary since then, but when it comes right up to the delivery, he chickens out, his nerves get the best of him.

Well, last Sunday, at 9.5 yrs. old, he decided he was ready and he delivered. Steve and I (and Alex too) were so proud. What a fun day.

I sat in the back, he knew I was there, he stumbled on a few words and the brand-new Primary president stepped up to lend a hand. He paused after the periods, he remembered to pause when he asked the kids a question.

I hope he remembers how he felt after he did it, and I hope he has a chance very soon to do it again :)


Judy Francisco said...

Wish I could have heard it! Do you think he'd tell me about it?

Anaise said...

I think that allowing him to decide is absolutely perfect.

Congratulations, Alex, on delivering your first talk!

Trish said...

I think one of my favorite things about you and Steve is that you are non-conforming. In some ways, I feel it gives me permission to go against the grain and conventional wisdom and do things the way I think they need to be done. I loved this post! Good for you!

singin'mama said...

Good Job Alex!