Friday, April 24, 2009

My Trip to the Grocery Store

I went to the store to buy chicken and rice. That's all, just chicken and rice. But this is what I came home with.

Our food budget goes WAY up when I'm pregnant.

To truly put this in context, we never buy soda, chips, cookies, processed cheese slices, or even cereal for that matter at any other time throughout the year.

I'm totally getting fat.


DIANE said...

Enjoy it while you can!

Alison Kloft said...

Ok you have to come over so i can teach you the grocery game. It will totally come in handy while you are pregnant.

Anaise said...

Ummm yeah, that's a lot of junk food! :)

I totally understand about the grocery budget being out of whack during the early weeks of pregnancy! Our expenses went waaaay up, just because I never knew what would I could tolerate and what would be gross, so we did frequent "small" trips.

But, really, are you going to be able to eat nacho chips and fudge striped cookies washed down with strawberry soda without feeling nauseous?

I'm laughing!

Judy Francisco said...

Whoa, baby! (and I mean that in more ways than one...)

Trish said...

Good news on the getting fat part, right?

Liz in New York said...

All I could eat when I was pregnant was burgers at McDonalds, tacos from Taco Bell, and pretty much any sort of fried food. It sounds disgusting to me now, but it worked. And when you're pregnant, you do what works.