Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's an old picture, but it captures her personality well.

At 3.5 yrs. old, Libby has a fantastic imagination. Last Friday evening, Steve and Alex were busy reading Ender's Game downstairs, so it was just the girls and me upstairs left to play.

With Libby in the lead as the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz, she told me, "I'll get you and your little dog too." But then she wanted to be, now she wanted to be Glinda the Good, she wanted to be Dorothy and hold Toto. She then informed me (repeatedly) that I have a Toto too so be careful where I sit and what I do so that he doesn't get squished.

After spending some time in the Land of Oz with the Munchkins and the Scarecrow and Tinman and Cowardly Lion, it was Mommy's turn to take Libby to Disneyland...but we still had our "two Totos" as she calls them...and it was so much fun.

Even Avery just sat on my lap happily through the whole adventure. I think she was into it. She's growing up. (Cry, sniff, sniff)

Okay. So we did everything at Disneyland, twice, because we went two days in a row and stayed the night at the Disneyland hotel. We went on every ride, we buckled our Totos on every ride, we ate every type of food, we saw all the Disney characters. It was so much fun.

Tonight Libby didn't want to have a bath, but I noticed she was playing with her Toto, so I said, "Maybe Toto wants a bath." Well, of course he would, so into the bath went Avery, Libby and Toto.

She made sure the water wasn't too hot for Toto, taught Toto karate in the bath, told me to turn the water off so that the water didn't go above his nose, and Toto was the first thing she saved when she noticed that Avery had pooped in the bath water.

I love Libby's spunky personality.

Today she picked a wild flower, said she could get married with it, and when Daddy said, "Who are you going to marry, Libby?" she determinedly said, "Daddy!"

Libby, I can totally relate :) I love you so much!


Trish said...

The more you write about Libby, the more I want to eat her! Such a cutie.

Anaise said...

The best part was that she saved Toto from Avery's bath poop. :)

And using whatever imaginative toy/character of the moment is the ploy we use to get recalcitrant toddlers into the tub at our house, too.