Monday, March 2, 2009

The Garden Saga Begins

Today we started a new chapter in our life: growing a garden. Some friends, who live just a few minutes from our house, are lending us a 16' x 24' plot. This will be good practice to prepare us for our earthship lifestyle.

Here's what the garden looked like when we started:

We spent about four hours today clearing away the grass and rototilling. We also spread some fertilized soil.

We'll start planting tomorrow. And praying...


Anaise said...

That is very exciting!

We are weeks away from outdoor planting, but we have lots of little seeds germinating in their indoor beds, growing strong enough to go outside.

Mary Bonham said...

What a transformation! I love to see the pictures. If you had just told me about it, I wouldn't have imagined how much work you did! It is beautiful. Isn't that a fabulous feeling to see the labor of your hands? Just wait until those little seeds burst through the earth! Exciting times ahead!

Kristi said...

I'm so jealous! Did they have all the equipment for you to use? I really want to do a garden this year but have no idea how or where to start. I tried pots last year and that was a horrible and complete failure!

Good luck!