Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girls' Hair

I must confess that I'm horrible at doing my girls' hair. I never learned how to do anything other than the basics.

Avery gets compliments everywhere we go on her hair anyway because she has a lot and it's a pretty color. I've cut it every-so-often, and it looks the best down. But for the first time ever I did ponytails for her.

Libby likes her hair Pippi Longstocking style, meaning one side pony the other side braid, or "michmatch" as she calls it.

She usually doesn't want me anywhere near her hair but last Sunday she asked me for buns (not sure where that came from) and this is what she ended up with. We were both happy.


Anaise said...

Oh man, they are so cute! I think Libby is such a mini-Karina!!!!

Judy Francisco said...

Love the hair! What are "buns"?

Love the shot of Alex about to climb a tree (like his smile)!

Love all the pics!--they tell such a story.