Friday, March 6, 2009

More on NASA Day

We just had an amazing day with NASA! Check out the photos in the last post.

- No fits/complaining/nagging.
- No crying AT ALL!
- We were on time.
- No pee accidents (Libby actually used the port-a-potties...twice!)
- Awesome weather.
- Super fun hands-on activities.
- No tired Mommy because Avery stayed in the stroller.
- Mesmerized kids.
- The kids ate their homemade lunches.
- Free downtown parking.

Not one glitch in the whole day. Don't you love that!?


Anaise said...

WOW! Sounds way fun! Makes me want to come to NASA day, too. However, we had a great day yesterday.

(Is NASA day always in early March? It would be really fun . . .)

Judy Francisco said...

I've found that if I access your blog through Ana's link, I can leave comments and see all your writing and pictures. Hurray! I love, love, love hearing about all your activities and seeing the pictures!! Thank you SO MUCH for making the effort to share them!

Kimberly said...

Yeah on a great day and how cool of you to take your kids - the things I probably wouldn't do for my kids. YOU are amazing.