Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wanted: 3-5 Canyoneering Partners For A Monterrey, Mexico Trip

*Note: There is time-sensitive material in this post. Please read the entire post for details on how you can join me for a sweet adventure in Mexico in May.

If you haven't been canyoneering, you haven't lived. Canyoneering is a dyamic, intense combination of hiking, rappelling, spelunking, rock climbing, and swimming. The following video will give you a good taste of canyoneering:

When we lived in southern Utah I was canyoneering once a month. But I haven't been since moving to Texas last June. I'm craving it!

Luckily, Monterrey, Mexico, 4-5 hours south of Austin, has world-class canyoneering.

I'm planning a 4-day, 3-night trip to Monterrey in mid to late May and I would love 3-5 partners to join me.


The first 5 people who give me a $100 non-refundable deposit by April 15th get the spots. It's non-refundable because I need to reserve our spot with the guide company with a 50% deposit. As you'll read below, the total cost of the trip will be between $260 and $270 per person.

I've got everything planned out. You don't need any equipment other than basic hiking and camping equipment. We'll be using this certified guide company, which provides everything from equipment, to food, to medical insurance.

I would need someone to volunteer a car, since we just have one car and I can't leave my wife without it. A minivan or SUV that could fit 6 people would be ideal.


We would leave on a Wednesday early afternoon, stay in a hotel that night, canyoneer Thursday and Friday (camp out Thursday night), stay in a hotel Friday night, then come back Saturday morning.

We'll be staying at Hacienda Cola de Caballo, which is a great hotel.

The canyons we'll go through are Matacanes and Canon de Chipitin.


Canyoneering Package (includes food for two days and all equipment): $156/person

Gas: $100 total (about 375 miles one way)

Hotel Room (standard double): $65 Wednesday night, $100 Friday night

Food: $40/person (lunch and dinner going down, breakfast and lunch coming back)

4 People: $1,049 total, $262.25/person (one hotel room)
5 People: $1,410 total, $282/person (two hotel rooms)
6 People: $1,606 total, $267.67/person (two hotel rooms)

We'll share the cost of gas and hotel rooms, and you're responsible for your own travel food (remember that the guide company handles our food for Thursday and Friday).

Reserve Your Spot Now

So who's with me? I need firm commitments from 3-5 people. The first 5 to give me a $100 non-refundable deposit are in. Reserve your spot or get your questions answered by emailing me at stephenpalmer76[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Watch this video to see what awaits you in Mexico:


Bart said...

Sounds like fun, Steve! I can't go, sadly, but I look forward to seeing videos of your trip!

Kristi said...

If Karina sets up a girl trip I'm in!

Trish in Texas said...

I'm going to forward this on to Matt! Don't know if he's much of a canyoneer-er, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

The Forney Four said...

I'm sending this to Alfer... oh he would love it.

Make sure you include the fact that you need a passport now to get into Mexico. And then of course there is the HUGE drug cartel problem for drivers.

Stephen Palmer said...

Yeah, can you enlighten me on that drug cartel issue? I've heard a little but am not as informed as I should be.

I just figured we'd pack heat and we'd be fine. :)

Liz in New York said...

I'm too late for the deadline, and I don't know if you'll even see this, but I think you and my husband need to be friends. He lives for this stuff, and ever since moving to NY he's been deprived of it. He's more of an adventure racer, but the way you describe canyoneering, it can't be too different from adventure racing.

Is this trip still on? And if not, is there another one in the works?

Stephen Palmer said...

Liz, he would have been fine on time, but the swine flu outbreak has taken the wind out of our manly sails. We've decided to hold off for a couple months.