Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Good Day

She's practically on top of him! He's just used to it, I guess. This is a very common scene. Libby just wants to watch Alex do anything.

Avery sparkles and shines.

A few posts back I mentioned the girls' hair. Libby likes her hair to be "mich-match," especially when she's wearing her Pippi Longstocking dress. Hey, at least it's done!

The Clayton Girls: Anoush, Aryl, Avery, Libby, Emma

Now Avery is starting to be a big girl and wants to be like Libby. They can color in the coloring books together now :)


Judy Francisco said...

Oh, wow--LOVE the mich-match hair! Look what a good big brother Alex still is! And look how grown-up Avery is becoming! Re the Clayton girls: How do you pronouce the first name? Are they fellow home-schoolers? Thanks for the pics!

Rhyetta Musser said...

Ella saw the pictures and says with a gasp at Libby's pippy longstocking hair, "Oh, she is beautiful! I love Libby!"

DIANE said...

What an amazing mother to listen to your daughter and do what she wants. I loved the pictures. Those girls really have a lot of hair.

Anaise said...

You have soooo many pictures of Alex and Libby cuddled up together. I think he must be one fabulous big brother.

As always--Libby is so cute I just want to eat her up, and I wish I knew Avery.

Trish said...

Oh, I love Libby, too! What a wonderfully carefree girl she is! And I love that you will let her do her thing. That's kind of a hard one for me...The other day in church I kept trying to unbutton Cole's top button, but he kept crying for me to re-button it, even though he had no tie on. Finally I said, "Fine! Look like a polygamist child if you want to!"
But you've inspired me to relax a little bit. But just a little bit.

singin'mama said...

I SO want a girl!