Thursday, March 19, 2009

God's Laws of Finance Released!

Karina and I are very excited to launch the website for a book we're writing called God's Laws of Finance: How to Prosper Following Prophetic Counsel.

We've even provided a free e-book for you to download, which is a condensed version of what the book will be.

We're going to blog the entire book for free, so if you subscribe to our RSS feed, or have new posts delivered straight to your email inbox, you'll get to read the manuscript as it develops.

The idea for the book developed when we fell flat on our faces financially and realized that we hadn't studied prophetic counsel on personal finance like we should have. We had spent years and thousands of dollars reading books, attending seminars, and listening to the "wisdom of men," but we hadn't been as diligent in heeding authoritative teachings.

We began studying everything we could find from prophets and apostles on personal finance, investing, and preparedness. We were surprised at the mountains of materials that we dug up, though not surprised at the consistency of the counsel.

From our studies emerged a comprehensive model, which we call the "Prophetic Model of Prosperity."

We would love your help in creating the most effective book as possible. Specifically, we would really appreciate two things: 1) comment a lot on each blog post to give us feedback on what we're writing and help us fine tune the message, and 2) share with us your personal stories of financial failure and/or success. Personal stories, or case studies, are a critical element of successful books. The more you share the more you help others.

Start by downloading your free e-book, The Prophetic Model of Prosperity, then either subscribe to our RSS feed or click here to have new blog posts sent to your email address.

Thanks so much!

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Judy Francisco said...

Woo-hoo, this is WAY exciting!