Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Easter '09

So...Easter. You remember Easter, right? Wayyy back in April? Ye-ahh. It was fun.

Alex woke up first, knew exactly what to do, and set off to find all the jelly beans lying around the house. And find them all, he did! Till there were no jelly beans left for the little girls.

But, Alex is a good brother. So he and I quickly put back in place many of them so that the girls could have a good time finding them too.

I must say, if you're surprised that I let Libby not wear any pants, that it was actually lucky that Libby is wearing a shirt for all these pictures. I am often surprised to find that she has ditched her shirt in the night and usually she comes to breakfast wearing only her pajama bottoms.

We went to John and Jamee Howells' home for egg decorating and hunting and crafts. We had an egg toss (with uncooked eggs) that was super fun for the adults. Alex was the only kid crazy enough to get the egg hidden high up in a tree...of course, 'cause he's my monkey.

I don't know why some of these pictures are cut off. I hate Photobucket but don't know what else to use.

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