Sunday, June 28, 2009

Libby's 4th Birthday

Libby's birthday is today (Sunday). We celebrated yesterday since it was a better party day for us.

We've been talking for months and months about how she can have gum when she turns 4, which turned into how she's going to have a "gum party" for her birthday.

Libby helped make her rainbow cake (only a couple of egg shells got in) and she decorated it with gum balls. We went to Chuck E. Cheese as a family, came home for cake and presents, and hung out with some family friends into the evening.

Alex gave her gum "tape" with a dollar inside the container, and he bought her a microphone and a huge gemstone ring that opens up from Chuck E. Cheese. I made her a pink silky pillowcase to match her pink silky blankie, and her friends' gifts were coming to Chuck E. Cheese with us, as well as make-up, a purse, and hair clips. Grandma Judy and Grandpa Chad & Grandma Jackie sent money in the mail, so now she says she's rich.

This birthday has really been a big deal for her; it marks her becoming "bigger-bigger." At Chuck E. Cheese, Steve was on a ride with her that simulates a roller coaster. They accidentally chose the "haunted" setting, and Steve was worried that it would scare her, not knowing what it entailed.

He told her, "If it gets scary, I'll cover your eyes, okay?" To which she responded, "No, I'm four now. I'm bigger-bigger."

I was worried she might be disappointed with the pillowcase gift, but she LOVES all her gifts. She carries her pillow around now; she loves it that much. She wore her new skirt I made for her, her birthday purse, and her birthday make-up to church today (that Alex helped her to apply).


Rhyetta Musser said...

I'm so glad Libby is bigger-bigger and had such a fun birthday. She looked GREAT in her new clothes. Matt and I loved watching the videos.

Anaise said...

That gumball/sprinkle covered cake was so disgusting that I'll bet it was a 4-year old's delicious dream! :)

(We wondered what she meant when she told us she had a "gum" cake when we called--now it's perfectly clear!)

The new outfits are so cute and I hope that Libby had a happy, happy day!!!!

Judy Francisco said...

This blog totally made me cry (yes, granted I'm vulnerable, having just said good-bye to Rhyetta and family yesterday...). I loved how confident Libby is in being bigger-bigger; I love how Alex is such a good caretaker/helper; I love the insights into Avery as she tries to insert herself into the activities of the day...

I HATE how I am so GRANDCHILDLESS now!! But thank goodness for these blogs!! Thank you, thank you.