Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daddy Love

First we have Alex, who has never in his whole entire life wanted to cuddle. When he was a little baby I used to whisper, "Please just be my baby and let me hold you." I was so confused as to why other babies were just sitting contentedly on their mothers' laps. Can you see how uncomfortable he is? In this picture we were teasing him and coaching him on how to cuddle, telling him that he's got to relax and just breathe.

Then we had Libby, and ahhhhh, what a cuddly and content little baby she was.

But Avery takes the cake on her desire for closeness, for freely giving hugs, and kisses on request.


Judy Francisco said...

Warn Alex that the first time I see him, I'm going to hug and kiss kiss kiss him. Watch out!

Anaise said...

If the pattern is increasing cuddliness, then this next baby should be amazing. :)