Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Swimming

Swimming these days has been fun for the whole family. Yes, I bought a big ol' swimming suit that fits my prego body and I swim too (but there won't be any pictures of that).

The kids love it! Alex can dive and jumps crazy off the diving board. Libby refuses to get out of the pool, she loves it so much.

Avery loves it too and will stay just as long as the rest of us want to. If she hears the word swim, she won't stop saying "swimsuit" in her little baby way. Then I'll put her in the car and she'll cry until I assure her that yes, we are going to the pool but we have to drive there first.

At a birthday swim party recently, Libby walked straight over to the edge where her friends were already in the pool and just jumped right in. It was the craziest thing. Fortunately, she was wearing her floaty swimsuit so she came to the surface right away, but boy was she shocked that she went under like that! (And please don't worry about my kids, I'm extremely vigilant around water).


Rhyetta Musser said...

What a blast! And what a gorgeous pool! We don't swim a lot here, just 'cause the city pool is so expensive and none of my neighbors have a pool. But whenever we're at a hotel, the kids enjoy swimming. Maybe Libby will learn to swim real easily. At our new place in Platte City there is a pool. I hope the babies are allowed to swim in it. Love you!

Judy Francisco said...

I spent last evening with Ellen and her family (who are staying at a big beautiful home in Washington Fields) with a pool. The kids are in the pool from morning to night. And if the pool gets treated and they have to stay out of it for a while, they play in water from the sprinklers or a slip-and-slide on the grass! It's water, water, water in the summertime for kids! So fun to watch them!

And I'm with Rhyetta--that's a GORGEOUS pool!