Friday, June 19, 2009

Homemade Dress

Her name is Liberty. We call her Libby or Boojy. Don't those names just fit the personality that you can see here?!

I'm feeling really good about making this dress. I followed a pattern, I did sleeves even. Just knowing that I can do this now gives me satisfaction and makes me happy.


Trish said...

Hey, nice job! You had me a little worried when you couldn't figure out the threading of the machine. Looks like you got it! Very cute!

Alison Kloft said...

I am really proud of you too!! the dress looks great!

Anaise said...

The dress looks great!

I am so disappointed that making clothes is now more expensive than buying them ready-made (where I shop anyway). I love to see my kids wear something I've created--so satisfying and fun.

Libby is darling, and I really like your new family portrait!

Rhyetta Musser said...

Cute dress! I'm impressed. And cute family picture too!

Judy Francisco said...

I love it! Is this her birthday dress. Happy almost birthday Lib-Lib!!