Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alex's Amazing Generosity

We had big, fat, juicy, delicious brownies sitting on the counter the other day for the kids. But we told them that they couldn't have any until they were done cleaning up.

Libby always has a hard time cleaning up. After awhile she decided that she just didn't want to clean. So she stopped. The natural consequence, of course, was that she lost her brownie "privilege."

And, naturally, she flipped her lid. Non-stop screaming and wailing.

After about five minutes of this, Alex couldn't take it anymore. So what does he do?

He tells Libby, "I won't have a brownie either."

This kid was drooling and aching for brownies. He couldn't stop talking about them. He had been imagining sinking his teeth and bathing his tongue in luscious brownies for hours.

He's a sweet-aholic.

Still, his concern for his sister trumped his sugar addiction.

Alex, you're amazing.

It reminds me of this quick video from Easter '08 when we had to park really far away, Daddy was lugging chubby Avery, and Mommy was carrying the video camera...but Alex was willing to be her knight...or her horse in this case.

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