Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue & Gold cake for Scouts

The theme was fantasy; Alex chose to do a castle.

I was told that the boys are supposed to decorate the cakes to auction off so I let Alex do the bulk of it.

But, apparently, that's not really how it works 'cause if you would have seen the cakes there, they were incredible!

We bought the only cake there that was store bought and covered with a lid. If you were sitting next to the cake table and saw all the little fingers touching the cool cakes, wouldn't you?

The mess -- on the other side of the kitchen -- is the price we paid for all the time we spent on the cake. She's a rascal menace :)


Anaise said...

Alex, your cake looks great!


How AWESOME! He did a great job!!

I know what you mean about a mess. They can sense when the perfect time to destroy everything is, don't you think? But LOOK at that face and smile, I'm sure you couldn't have been mad at ALL!

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I'm so sorry I haven't commented yet! I was so excited to read it when you sent the e-mail, but then was too busy to comment right then and forgot to add it to my reader, and then you know how it goes, out of sight out of mind... HOLY COMMA'S MELANIE!

Anyway, LOVE it. The one of Alex and the homeless people is amazing. What an absolutely incredible kid! And the one where he chose not to have a brownie, SERIOUSLY??? Can you come and teach MY 9 year old to be so selfless? WOW.

Can't wait to read more about your darling family!