Thursday, February 26, 2009

Avery's Sleeping Habits

Avery has had a very consistent sleeping pattern for the whole 16+ months she's been alive. She's never slept longer than 2 hours at a time, and she sleeps with me because she wants to nurse all night long...and because I let her.

Avery has slept countless hours in my arms. Most people will know me as "the woman with the pink, big-flower nursing blanket around her neck."

No bottles, no binkies, not even a special blanky. I'm it!

We've grown accustomed to each other. It's not one-sided; we're both addicted to each other. Steve and I are fully aware of the monster we've created -- the squishy, joyous, huggy, loveable monster we've created.

It's been exhausting at times, meaning I've been sleep-deprived for 2 years (I'm totally counting pregnancy 'cause it's awful). But it's also been so totally bonding and special and sweet and natural.

I wasn't ready until now. She obviously hasn't been ready either. But it's time.

It started out like a typical evening. She nursed at 7:30 and fell asleep in my arms. I laid her down in her crib. She slept a whole two hours...awesome! But she nursed again at 9:30, then again at 10:30.

By 11:00 she was more than full and I decided to lay her down in her crib again instead of letting her thrash around the bed with Steve and I all night, which doesn't seem to bother Steve but I'm an extremely light sleeper.

And then, something wonderful happened. It was a gift. Or perhaps the start of something new?

She slept...and slept...and slept...for 8.5 hours she slept, through Libby crying out in the night because she was sick she slept, and through the morning light she slept...till a beautiful new day dawned, and didn't wake up until 7:30!

I'm singing "Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles" right now.


Mary Bonham said...

Oh, man! I feel refreshed just reading your story!

Rhyetta Musser said...

How wonderful! That must feel amazing! Felicity has slept all night long since she was so little and if she ever wakes up, it stresses me out so bad. I cannot imagine dealing with waking up at night. Just last night Matt was talking about more kids and I was quickly shooting that idea down. Can't even imagine waking up at night. The thought of it horrifies me. I hope this is a pattern for Avery that will continue!!!

Anaise said...

I'm glad for your good sleep, and even more glad for all the delight of nursing and loving up your baby!

Trish in Texas said...

Oh, joyful day! Do you feel like a totally different person?