Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Austin? Does it Matter?

It's official.

Karina and I just got our Texas driver's licenses today. We moved here in June of 2008. The transfer is finally complete.

Here's the thing -- we don't really know why we're here. In fall of 2007 my mentor, Oliver DeMille, told me about a school in Austin, Acton MBA. He said that every time he thought of it he would think of me.

I went to the website. After reading just the home page, I knew that we would move to Austin. Without really researching it further, I called Karina downstairs to break the news to her.

And that was that. We made preparations and came to Austin.

After eight months, it's pretty clear that I won't be attending Acton MBA. At first, money was the issue. Now, I just don't think it's necessary for many reasons.

I did, however, find Wizard Academy and Roy Williams, which has been a pleasant surprise. But I wouldn't say that it's the reason why we were directed here.

I still don't have what I would call the definitive answer for that.

Here's what I do know: Our family has never been happier, stronger, and more full of faith. We've bonded with beautiful people. We've been blessed with opportunities to serve. We love our house and our ward.

We love sitting on our porch swing and watching our kids jump on the trampoline in 80 degree weather in February. We're excited to grow a garden this year for the first time in our marriage.

Our kids get to see homeless people and associate with kids and families of widely-varying faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Of course, they could have equally-valuable experiences elsewhere. And we do miss family.

But all things considered, we know it's right for us to be here. We just don't know why.

But does it matter?


Anaise said...

I'm reading Cold Mountain (at Wo's recommendation). Inman, the protagonist, has been in a military hospital for months, staring out the same window at the same scene for months; the narrator says, "He imagined himself an old man thinking about it (the view out the window). Those pieces together seemed to offer some meaning, though he did not know what and suspected he never would."

You've found meaning . . . perhaps you'll never know why.

Christy said...

I can totally relate to such an experience. We have been moved around time and time again for nothing more than the fact that we knew it was where we needed to be. Ultimately, that's all that matters.

Trish in Texas said...

I don't know why, either. But I love this town. I'm so glad you guys are here!