Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's Day Daddy-Daughter Dance

Libby and I had SO much fun at this dance! Round Rock does it every year at the community rec center.

Libby was absolutely ADORABLE! We told her about it a couple weeks before and she was so excited to go.

Here are a couple pictures of us before the dance:

After Karina curled her hair she smiled and whispered, "I look like a woman."

We waited in line for 45 minutes for her to get her face painted:

She danced like she was the only one on the dance floor -- uninhibited, carefree, precious, glimmering like the Captivating princess she is. Lots of twirling, and she also figured out how to work the splits into her routine.

The last song was "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw and I wanted to lift her up, hold her tight, and sing to her but she wasn't done fast dancing yet. "Stop singing!" she demanded and asked me to put her down so she could keep dancing alone.


Trish in Texas said...

People!! I have been waiting for this! Thank you for finally starting a family blog. Love the Palmer family--you guys are wonderful people. And how sweet to read about your caring Alex and sweet Libby. I can't wait for more of what you guys will serve up!

Rhyetta Musser said...

SO cute!

Anaise said...

I love that she said she looks like a woman!

I think she looks exactly like you, Karina--but I used to think she looked like Steve--how is that even possible?!

I think you're lucky; our local Daddy/Daughter dance costs $40 per daughter--it would have cost us $200 for our girls to go . . . kind of out of our price range.

What a fun, fun experience for them!