Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day in the life

Yes, I'm going to gush about my beautiful life. It's hard for even me to believe that I live the life that I do.

Our home is so heavenly to me.

I was on the phone with my mom in the morning, so Alex started getting breakfast ready. He's learned from his dad that listening to CDs helps chores seem less like chores.

Steve recently burned a new CD we all love and it's common for the kids to be belt out the words, or to take turns being the vocals, playing the "rocktar" as Libby calls it, or the drums.

During home school yesterday, as we sat down on the couch to do our devotional and read together, Avery who is 16 mos. old now can be quite a menace, albeit the cutest "little rascal" menace we’ve ever seen.

We weren’t sitting down for more than 5 minutes when I realized that all these events had taken place:

“Uh-oh, the gate to the stairs isn’t shut.” Alex was jumping up before I finished my sentence; he’s very protective.

“Libby, you can color with your crayons on the floor here.” She says, “I have to go up to the table or Avery will eat the crayons.” “Oh, yes, Libby you’re right.”

“Alex, can you get me a tissue?” (I’m at the end of a 2 week cold) And up he goes again.

“Uh-oh, Avery is ruining our book.” I reach to save it.

I say, “Hold this,” (our book) to Alex so that I can nurse Avery….again. She’s so addicted.

“What’s that sound?” Alex jumps off the couch to catch Avery scribbling with a pencil on one of our books. Thank goodness it wasn’t one of the 30 library books we have lying around.

I will get through one paragraph of our book and Libby will just have to interrupt to show me the colors on her page. “So pretty, Libby, like a rainbow.”

I read another paragraph and Avery will catch our sights as she’s giggling and twirling around in the middle of the floor. We look at each other and laugh. It will go on like this sometimes for 1 or 2 pages. I think Alex is sooooo patient.

Later, he said, “Do you want me to make lunch now?” I was starting to fall asleep on the couch ‘cause Avery was down for her nap and I’m usually up a lot in the night nursing Avery. “Yes, Alex, thank you.”

In Libby’s cute little 3.5-yr-old voice she says, “Alex, can you get me some cheese?” “Yeah, sure, Libby. I’ll get you some cheese and some applesauce. Do you want a half a sandwich or a whole sandwich?” He adds, “Mom do you want your sandwich toasted?”

Later still, during homeschool, Alex says, "Mom, the dictionary is like magic. You just find the word by looking for the letters, then you turn it this way and that way, and then there's the word. It's magic." Now, when we read, he stops me to look up the words he hasn't heard before. He thinks it's...well, magical.

We went to the park for 3 hours with some home schoolers for a Valentine's party. There was food, crafts, a sandbox, someone brought their drums (big hit!). There were dogs on occasion for Avery to go nuts over. And best of all, it was 75 gorgeous degrees.

I’m thinking to myself, Is this seriously my life? What a blessing. If I’m not the luckiest mom in the world, then I don’t know who is. The good news is, I think there’s a lot of moms just like me and that makes me very happy. I hope there’s millions of them.

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Trish in Texas said...

Oh, I love it! You really are so blessed.