Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make

Who you marry is the most important decision you'll make in this lifetime.

When I was dating Steve, I told my mom, "I just can't imagine anyone more perfect for me."

Steve's not perfect, but he's perfect for me.

How did I get so lucky?

And I am convinced that it truly does have a lot to do with luck. I mean, we both happened to be married once before we met each other; we both happened to go to the same singles ward on the same day in St. George, Utah; he didn't have to completely suck up all pride, forgive me, and write me that unbelieveably romantic letter after he had broken up with me.

I've known people who were inspired to marry someone only to have it end in divorce many years later. I've known people who got married very young and are very happy. I recall the time when I realized that there are a lot of couples who look like they're doing great, but the truth behind closed doors is ugly.

There's also the opposite of that, which is Steve and I. We've had friends feel uncomfortable with our open disagreements, but it works for us to not hold our feelings inside where they stew, or are forgotten, only to come out later more fierce.

I am married to my true love, to my best friend, to my mentor and best adviser. He inspires me daily -- to serve more, to learn more, to be healthier, to work hard, to be devoted to a cause, to communicate better, to be silly, to have faith, to find happiness.

He makes sure I know I'm the reason for his being, that I get more beautiful every day, and that we're a team come what may forever and ever.

He's not posing for this picture.

If I could spend the day with only one person, it would be Steve. If I could go anywhere, it wouldn't make any difference to me unless Steve was there.

It just so happens that I found a man who chooses each day to be unselfish...for me...and for our kids.

If you've met Steve, if you've worked with Steve, if you're familiar with his family or any of his causes or projects, then you know what I mean by unselfish. He lives to make this world better. And I couldn't be prouder.


Stephen Palmer said...

Oh my. I'm speechless. And emotional. Thank you so much, love of my life.

Judy Francisco said...

Oh, how I love blogging--to be able to share in stuff like this!! I love it when my kids are happy...

Anaise said...

Yup, that's how I feel about Scott, too! Glad you're happy guys!!!!!


I'm so happy that you are so happy! You TRULY deserve it. What a wonderful post!

singin'mama said...

So proud to be Steve's Sis! And SO So happy he found such an amazing companion! It takes two to make it awesome!